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History In Bloom Gardens 11-3


Good morning Early Birds! What a delightful day for some garden touring.

Woodstock Early Bird attended the opening of the History in Bloom event at the Woodstock Historical Society last night. It included a tour of the Dana House where flower designers (professionals and lay people) were asked to create flower bouquets that matched paintings or objects on display in the museum. There are some very notable successes which — as part of a newly announced special “deal” — you can view today.

The Woodstock Historical Society’s Jack Anderson informs us that, as a way to encourage more participation in this fundraiser, Woodstock Early Birds who wish to get a map and go on the 11-3 garden tour (for $30) will also be offered access to the Dana House museum to look at the displays.

We originally thought this “Garden Tour” meant a tour guided walk through the Village. To clarify for those who thought same, it is actually a broader visit to five to seven gardens in the area. Hence, one must procure a ticket at the Woodstock Historical Society (on Elm Street) and a map and then, most likely by four-wheeled vehicle, find the gardens. We know that one garden is up Church Hill, another is out River Road and yet another is up Cloudland Farm Road.

We spoke with one of the gardeners last night who was all exhausted but excited to be part of the “Showcase” that is on display today.

At the very least, stop in to see the displays at the Dana House Museum. Woodstock Early Bird has to admit to never having been inside the house and found it quite fascinating. Oh, BTW, for those of you who like old dresses, there are remnants (ha-ha) of last year’s “Fashion in Bloom” event.

Late Note: We are told that the Silent Auction on the displays will continue today so if you didn’t get a chance to view and/or bid, there is still a chance to do so.