Drama While Dining: Put THAT Rumor to Rest…

Woodstock Early Bird is getting many reports of drama and even rumored death at a local restaurant the other night. While fascinating and breath-stopping, let’s put THAT rumor to rest!

We have confirmed from Vinnie Talento himself, co-owner of The Prince and the Pauper, that, indeed, a guest experienced a medical “situation” during dining “service” last Saturday evening.  The female is reported to have “passed out” briefly at least once, if not several times.  The restaurant called Emergency 911 and Woodstock Police and Woodstock Ambulance responded. The female was transported away from the restaurant by Woodstock ambulance.

We’re sure it was rather dramatic for others guests, but, as we know, these things happen. Talento says the diner/patient was apparently a visitor to Town and not a local person.

While we did put in a call to both Woodstock Police Chief Robbie Blish and Woodstock Emergency Services Pat Cassidy to find out more, we did not receive any callbacks about the incident. We understand that the privacy of the individual and her medical condition must be maintained so do not expect any more information about the incident.

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  1. Posted by Chris Balcer on June 8, 2012 at 10:32

    Vinnie followed up with a call to the husband, asking to be kept informed of his wife. He called Monday to say that she was treated, kept for observation and released from the hospital. It was a unnerving incident to be sure. Both Woodstock PD and Emergency Services did an excellent job in providing assistance.

    We were relieved to hear that our guest was released and “doing much better”, as stated by her husband.

    Chris Balcer


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