Greens, Greens, Greens

 With all the publicity that the Farmers’ Market on the Woodstock Village Green gets, we’ve wondered if the Mount Tom Farmers’ Market continues to operate  in any vital way. We have driven by on summer and fall Saturday mornings and have seen a handful of local vendors but, often, not much activity.

Woodstock Early Bird has been contacted by participants in that still-vital market to ask for a little help with bringing out those who wish to support truly local, in your backyard, farmers….So here it is:

It is time to EAT YOUR GREENS!  The Mount Tom Farmer’s Market will be open tomorrow with vendors from 9:30-12:30 this Saturday (ignore hours on this file photo sign).  While it is still relatively early in the season for bountiful vegetables, we are told that there will be plenty of GREENS to go around.

Woodstock Early Bird certainly could use some greens — and if we must — even a little KALE.  You are likely to find the following vegetables and other items tomorrow: Lettuce, kale, spinach, rhubarb, pickles and eggs.

Now the Kale thing…apparently Kale is now the official GREEN of Vermont. However, we note in a little bit of a search that the creator or EAT MORE  t-shirts is in some hot-water (better to steam, yes?) because an Atlanta company Chick-Fil-A believes its logo has been stolen (Eat Mor Chikin’?) .  We don’t really get it…but the EAT KALE movement became big in Vermont a year or so ago as a way to promote home-grown agriculture.  Speaking of local, we asked who all participates in the Mount Tom Farmers’ Market (out Rt. 12 North from the Village, just past the Billings Farm and National Park entrances, across from Artistree).  It’s a chicken and egg thing we’re told….Ha, ha, ha….The more people come, the more farms participate…the more produce, the more people come: Thymeless Herbs will be there as will Heron’s Roost, Tunbridge Farm and On the Edge….Hope there is plenty of garlic being grown somewhere to go with all those GREENS!

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  1. Thank you, Julia, for your advocacy in support of our local farmers and farmers markets. We are most fortunate to have two farm markets each week in season right here in our community. It is as well our great good fortune to have our local farmers growing and providing a bounty of foods for us to enjoy each week thoughout the growing season.


  2. Posted by Paulette Osborne on June 8, 2012 at 11:42

    i agree with rachael. thanks for supporting mt. tom’s farmer’s market. you can’t have too many fresh choices.


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