Not So Fast Why-Fi…

Woodstock Early Bird was planning a post to update you on the movements of the Wireless Woodstock repeater with which we have become fascinated. Now we have a reason to do so:

The Village Trustees Tuesday night essentially said “No so fast, boys, with the placement of your wireless repeater.”

Trustees ruled that the Wi-Fi  repeater, now affixed to a Village Green lamp-post, must be taken down. They flipped through many pages of ordinance to find the rule of law that devices such as the one appearing in our photo are not allowed to be affixed to Village Green lamp-posts.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s: The box has to come down.

The Trustees did not address the issue of the previous placement of the device on the Village Green shed.

Wireless Woodstock apparently undertook their signal amplification experiment project without asking the Village Trustees for permission. The Village Trustees don’t really like that.  As one trustee commented last night, “It would have been nice if they’d asked. ”

What Woodstock Early Bird still doesn’t understand is why Wireless Woodstock is trying to provide this much-needed public service (public access wi-fi in the Village) with such a bad product. We totally support their effort and their aim at making sure people “get” that Woodstock is a “with-it” town  interested in providing a great overall experience to tourists, business people and locals alike.

But, the product is consistently useless wi-fi even from a proximity of 25 feet.  It’s almost more embarrassing than having no wi-fi at all. Like opening a new trendy boutique hotel with “dial-up” internet service. In an experiment, Woodstock Early Bird accessed Woodstock Wireless wi-fi from the very lamp post signal box featured in the photo. We got signal, we were able to access the internet. So success, right? What is she talking about? Yup. Then, moments later, crash. Not enough strength. Bars down to two. And…we’re done!

We understand the Wireless Woodstock is aware of its issues and trying to move forward to improve and expand the signal, hence the new pole positioning box. However, several Village Trustees (Eric Nesbitt and Bob Pear)  have offered access points from the roofs of their private homes in order to help this project and provide more area coverage. They say Wireless Woodstock has not been interested.

It seems to Woodstock Early Bird that a solution might be to have Wireless Woodstock folks just “raft-up” with the Fiber Optic folks and get on board to provide the fastest and most bandwith available.  No boxes. No antennae. No launch pads.  Bury that stuff underground!  Just like Mr. Rockefeller did. We think of our Village’s former “Patron Saint”  on this topic due to his broad role as an early champion of aviation and computer technology (PANAM, Apple) and his more specific role to Woodstock as a champion of aesthetics (burying the telephone and electric lines underground in order to preserve the charm of central Woodstock Village).

Beauty and Technology! Ahhhhh. Lovely!

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  1. Posted by Chris Balcer on June 13, 2012 at 11:17

    Perhaps Justin McCort of Up & Running could offer a viable solution?

    As to the “rules & Regs”…you wonder what the permitting process might have been like back in the early days, when gas lamps switched over to electricity.


  2. Posted by William Boardman on June 13, 2012 at 11:43

    Just a reminder that burying the wires in Woodstock was pretty much a commercial decision, since the wires were buried ONLY along routes connecting Rockefeller’s properties. That doesn’t make a bad thing, but a reality well short of sainthood.


  3. As many people know, the day when everyone in Woodstock has an ultra-high speed fiber optic connection to their home or business (FTTP) is fast approaching as old copper-based systems (Comcast and Fairpoint) are petering out. Our community-owned fiber optic network called ECFiber has recently deployed gigabit fiber in Barnard and is now working to get Tunbridge, Strafford, Chelsea, Vershire, and Norwich hooked up. Pomfret and Woodstock may be next.

    Woodstock Early Bird followers can keep up to date on this ground-breaking project by following ECFiber’s progress on Facebook. Please LIKE us at


  4. Wireless Woodstock may have miss stepped but the Village Trustees have their heads in gas light era.


  5. Posted by Justin McCoart on June 13, 2012 at 13:54

    I can fix wireless woodstock. I can be reached at 457 3866.


  6. Posted by Diana Brown on June 13, 2012 at 15:21

    Julia you are so so very on the money. I love the rafting up to fiber optic(ECFiber) image. And boy, could it work wonders! Thanks so much for this article.


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