June Daze: Porch Pa-Trolling

The Kedron Valley Inn Porch, Tavern and Restaurant are Open!

What a day, eh? June in Vermont is spectacular as Woodstock Early Birds already know. Who doesn’t start doing a little bit of a “porch patrol” for places to dine al fresco?  Oooh, there’s a place…there’s another one…Tweeting birds, rustling green trees, a warm breeze, a cool beverage and a nicely prepared meal.  Very satisfying.

We know of one place that is worth a visit on a summer evening: The Kedron Valley Inn. Several locals have already been asking Woodstock Early Bird when “porch dining” would begin as a  complement to KVI’s already “in service”  rosy romantic and quiet dining room and KVI’s cheerful clubby pubby tavern.

The news is THE PORCH IS OPEN. Dining hours at KVI are from 5:30-9:00pm daily Thursday-Monday. Reservations are taken for the porch, but, due to its obvious popularity, only early in the evening for a 5:30pm or 6:00pm seating.  Need we say, once again, “Early birds get the worms!”? Or, in this case a very pleasant spot with some good food.

We do have some other news about the Kedron Valley Inn of which we would like to inform you:

1.  For those of you who seek a refreshing Tavern beverage after a long day on the job, in the cubicle, on the Merritt Parkway, Interstate 93, or simply astride a horse…The Tavern will now open at 4:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  “Bottoms up,” as they say. (That is such a RETRO line, isn’t it?)

2. The Kedron Valley Inn has a new CHEF! He comes to KVI from Timbers at Sugarbush. That is, from a place just up the pike. Tim Chalifoux is a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute and has worked at Eli’s on Block Island and Truffles in Milford, Massachusetts. The menu, at this point, offers many of the choices found over the past year including appetizers such as the delicious Ploughman’s Platter of cheeses and bread or a very beverage-friendly basket of freshly made KVI potato chips.  Check it out! Enjoy the weather and the Porch! Remember….The Early Bird Gets the Worm!

KEDRON VALLEY INN:  802-457-1473   www.kedronvalleyinn.com

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