Wireless: Pole Position Returned

Village Trustees have voted at a special meeting this morning (Tuesday)  to allow Wireless Woodstock to return an  access point “box”  back to a Village Green lamp-post for the duration of the coming weekend.

Wireless Woodstock had affixed the “repeater” box to the lamp-post a week or so ago in an attempt to pick up the signal from a wireless “send” box located above the door of the Norman Williams Public Library.  However, Trustees voted at a recent regular meeting that the box is in violation of rules regarding what can and cannot be attached to lamp-posts. The box was then taken down from the post.

This morning, Trustees were given an email letter sent by Norman Williams Library principals and “T” Belisle of Wireless Woodstock asking for permission to mount the CISCO box (featured in the photo above) so that it could provide wi-fi to visitors attending the upcoming Woodstock Digital Media Festival.

Trustee Bob Pear made a motion to put up a new pole on the Green to attach the box but due to the weight of the device and mounting points and the need for a very deep hole to be dug to carry the weight, other Trustees said “no” to that motion.  Trish Compton said it was “ridiculous” to go through so much trouble “for a temporary thing.”

While Norman William’s Head Librarian Jennifer Belton was in attendance at the special meeting, there was no one there from Wireless Woodstock or Summit Technologies to address the specific technical needs for the repeater’s placement. The Village Trustees said they will take up the topic of where such a device might go permanently after receipt of a proposal from Wireless Woodstock.

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  1. Okay, so this is temporary right? How about using the obvious—hang the thing from one of the many trees on the green!!


    • Posted by Bob Pear on June 19, 2012 at 10:40

      WVO 9206 Standards(d) No signs or equipment shall be attached to or installed upon trees or historic/ memorial markers in the Village Green or upon traffic signs, parking meters, or light poles surrounding the Village Green. Should the Trustees decide which laws to obey and which to disregard? Maybe changing the law would be the thing to do, but is that what the community wants when there are acceptable alternatives? Does that lead to the degradation of our Green, or are people OK with that? What would Georgina think?


  2. Posted by Peter Saman on June 19, 2012 at 12:39

    I think I see the same “red thread” running through the repeater issue that was present in the noise issue last week. The Village has pages and pages and pages of ordinances (look on the town website) which I would venture to guess most people don’t even know exist … and that includes the Trustees. State Statutes delegate and specifically describe Trustee authority regarding local government operations. Time lines, Public comment, Public meeting requirements, Warning requirements, Minute recording, Freedom of Information … on and on. As far as I know, these State requirement are not open to negotiation by local Trustees and must be followed. The Trustees don’t have the authority to ignore State Statutes requiring them to perform in specific ways! In both issues, noise and repeater, it appears they have done just that … ignored State Statutes and Local Ordinances. I think this is Bob Pear’s main point. Perhaps a citizen’s government oversight board is needed.


  3. Posted by Corwin Sharp on June 19, 2012 at 14:20

    I think we all know what Georgie would think and say! Equivocation was not something she ever practiced! Strong voices like hers made our community strong. It’s now up to those of us remaining to respect the “law” on this issue and others pending. If we don’t like the “law” then we have the right and ability to change it in due democratic course. We do not have the right to arbitrarily flaunt it.


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