C’mon In: The Water’s Fine!

Woodstock Early Bird has been splish-splashing this morning at the Recreation Center pool in anticipation of high heat indexes expected later today.  If there’s any day to sit in front of a fan, or hang out on the *covered* porch or go SWIMMING, this is IT!

We can report the pool is OPEN and the water is FINE!

Actually the kiddie pool doesn’t open until NOON and the “Big Kids” pool doesn’t open until 2:00pm. (I know there are probably staffing issues, but couldn’t the Rec open a wee bit earlier on HOT days?).

Now the reason Woodstock Early Bird got to go swimming in the pool early in the day is because she was checking out a new program:  The Upper Valley Aquatic Center’s   “UV Rays” Masters Swim Program.  Seems they are trying out a new deal; providing a bit of a satellite location for outdoor summer workouts.

The pool will be in use and available for Masters Swimming  from 7:30am-8:30am Monday through Friday.

We can report that our first session was terrifying — at the start — since Woodstock Early Bird hasn’t really tried to swim in quite a while. However, Coach Michaela (Mikala?) was very kind and helpful, i.e.:  AWESOME. We flutter-kicked, we kick-boarded, we got to try out some fins (FUN!) and, oh, learned how to breathe a little bit better. Always helpful, to learn how to breathe properly.  This is not your 60’s or 70’s era “Learn to Swim” program but reflects a lot more science. In any case, as Early Bird fluttered along, other Woodstock adult (and teen) swimmers were put to their paces. It was like the old Romper Room: “I see Steve and Rachel and Karen and…”

There are fees associated with this program. It requires — at the very least — a UVAC UV Ray punch card and Woodstock Recreation Center pass.

For more about the program: http://uvac-swim.org/swimming/masters-program/

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  1. Posted by Judy on June 20, 2012 at 10:45

    Way to start your morning. I was going to ditch the bike and drive to work today but I’ll follow your example and begin the day with a bit of exercise.


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