It’s Cool to Curl….

Have you been roasting a bit, wilting like a tired flower? Or have you been on an obsessive search for air-conditioned facilities and hence spending just a little too much time at Mac’s (Dancing in the Aisles to their 80’s disco music) or, perhaps, over-staying your welcome at any number of local bars and eateries?

Woodstock Early Bird knows about all this due to having herself perched at several cool spots throughout the day yesterday. But now, we have a solution: It’s called Union Arena! If you wanna’ be cool…CURL!

No really! Woodstock and Woodstock’s Union Arena  is host this weekend to the Grand National Curling Club Team Championships. “Action started early this morning and continues through Sunday. The public is welcome! Did you read that? The public is welcome to come watch and cheer on this exciting action sport….happening right now.

Woodstock Curling Competitors look on during last year’s Grand National Curling Championships

We were promised when UA was seeking contributors that their facility would be about more than winter hockey. Now, the proof: Summer Grand National Curling Events!

Woodstock Early Bird has to admit to a degree of skepticism about the whole thing,  that we have never really caught the, er, curling bug, having grown up in Northern New York in proximity to Ottawa, Canada and having watched this sport probably more than is healthy. However, local participants tell us that sweeping the ice with a broom, trying to move some huge rock across the ice, really is FUN!  It’s cool!  Perhaps, the Canadians knew something we are only just now embracing…We hear teams will be in town from all up and down the Eastern Seaboard! Shuffle on….

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