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The Worthy Man House….Antiques!

Finally, a clue!  We know what the plan is for the old “Zack’s Place”at 6 Mechanic Street!

Woodstock Early Bird was all “on alert” about this time last year when a rather “pubby” sign went up on the outside of the building which is owned by Renee Novello. Much work has been done to upgrade the stone work of the building since its purchase which almost abuts another much-improved building owned by Renee’s husband Peter Novello.

We had heard talk that there might be a plan for some kind of speak-easy or simple old-tymey PUB.  But, alas, despite our unanswered inquires, that was not to be.

Last week we detected activity about the property. Some kind of door replacement going on..carpenters and so forth…

Now, Woodstock Early Bird has found an announcement that the Village Design Review Board this week will be considering a request for the creation of an ANTIQUES SHOP at 6 Mechanic Street. The Board meets at 7:30pm on Wednesday June 27th.

On the subject of Village Design and Village Development Review, an old “friend” of an issue to Woodstock residents is the ongoing disposition of the old Gerrish property up the hill from Cumberland Farms and Maplefields. At one time it was the Gerrish car dealership but has fallen into disrepair over the years as it simultaneously undergoes environmental remediation .

Now, what can only be good news for the Village-scape, a plan to dismantle the old dealership building. This will be discussed at an upcoming meeting scheduled for Thursday July 5th at the Town Hall. (The regular meeting would have been on Wednesday July 4th but was rescheduled due to the upcoming holiday).

We know Early Birds can’t wait to try out the new Brick Oven Trattoria pizza….we’re all waiting and wondering about the opening. We hear there are still some design and zoning issues to be worked out before a certificate of occupancy is issued. We’ll keep you posted.