Daily Grind Owner Recovering from Dog Bite

The Daily Grind’s owner Stacey Velardi is back at work this morning with a sprained ankled and gouged-out leg, on pain medication, after an Australian Shepherd mix dog attacked her outside her coffee shop on Saturday.

Velardi is setting up several new business in town (she also owns a consignment shop) and was shuttling gelato supplies from The Daily Grind over to her new gelato store (a pizza place right next door is also one of her soon-to-open projects).

She says she walked out of the Daily Grind with her arms full of milk containers, nodded hello to a couple sitting on the patio who were enjoying a coffee with their two dogs. Velardi reports that suddenly out of nowhere, “The dog lunged at the back of my leg, knocked me down and went for my face…” Velardi was a bit in shock and pain at the surprise of the incident.

We understand that a Daily Grind co-worker called for assistance from Woodstock Ambulance who assisted at the scene. Velardi turned down transport. Her husband then drove her for further treatment to Mt. Ascutney hospital.

The dog owner James Saunders of Hanover issued a statement to Woodstock Police noting he had not wanted to leave his dogs in the car and that they were leashed, albeit loosely. He wrote that the milk bottles and cartons “spooked” the dog which led to the attack.

Woodstock PD’s Jen Hutchins researched the dog and found it has a history of having bitten at least once in the past.

It’s not known the disposition of the dog.

Although Velardi says the incident has upset her, she won’t be making any change to allowing leashed dogs on her patio. However she says she expects dog owners to be responsible and is shocked that this local man had his dog out and about.

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