NOISY Out There? Special Trustees Meeting 7pm Tuesday

NOISE! Is there something out there in the Village of Woodstock audio-sphere that is driving you crazy?  Trucks, motorcycles, leaf-blowers, dogs, outdoor bands, radios might be on your list.

If you have anything to say — pro or con about NOISE —  tomorrow’s Special Village Trustees Meeting at 7pm at the Town Hall might be the time and place to VOICE your point of view.

The special meeting was originally scheduled to deal with the finer details of The Woodstock Inn and Resort’s outdoor wedding band variance requests. Several wedding organizers have requested music on the back lawn of the Inn. The Resort would like to extend their “play-time” to 10:30pm from the regular weekend time of 10:00 pm.  At recent Village Trustees meetings issues came up about the lack of informing the neighbors of the requests which, we believe, have now been addressed.

However, an additional Village Trustee Agenda item is the review, change or complete disposal of current Village noise ordinances.  At least one Trustee has said he’d  like the time for noise to stop be 11pm, a change to later from 10pm.  Others, we hear,  may suggest an earlier time that noise should cease.

In any case, Woodstock Early Bird thinks these are important issues. While not having a particular point of view on timing of noise ordinances, we have written before about our irritability at the constant and apparent excess of  noise from leaf-blowers (and more recently dogs barking) in our closely knit neighborhoods.  We note that most all gardeners, landscape and lawn workers wear ear protection while using their equipment. One thing of which Woodstock Early Bird is constantly aware is that WE, regular Woodstock Early Birds, can’t talk or think or HEAR because we don’t have the comparable ear protection to deal with the BLARING of these machines.  Is it the regular and acceptable cacophony of life in the Village or have we hit the limits of human audio comfort? We found a a community — Orinda, California —  that had these concerns and worked to find a solution: Quiet Orinda

Other issues on the agenda include requested permits for outdoor sales this summer at Gillinghams and at the Start House.

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