Streak of Break-Ins: Police Follow-Ups

We had a little tete-a-tete, figuratively speaking, of course, with Woodstock Police Chief Robbie Blish to go over a few police-related items reported on Monday’s Twitter feed. We’ll start with the humorous and move to the less so…

1. First, so many Woodstock Early Birds have reported Saturday’s STREAKER. For those of you who don’t know, a streaker is someone who runs BUCK-NAKED through a public area, in a show of jiggle and flesh only seen at your most favorite nudist colonies. Said “streaker” appeared on Central Street about 10am and ran to a car with reported New York plates. Police investigated but the streaker had left the area by the time they arrived. As Blish explained this morning, “That’s what streakers do.”  We also heard of a streaker at Quechee Gorge over the weekend but really this just makes us shrug. Not illegal in Vermont to be out and about without clothing. Disrobing is not approved of, but buck-naked is apparently a-okay. We believe there was a little bit of this in Brattleboro a few years back. Really, it’s a 70’s thing and so…ehhh, retro.

2. Follow-up on the DOG BITE. Chief Blish says the dog that bit Daily Grind owner Stacey Velardi was leashed, licensed and rabies vaccinated and that the owner promised to pay any medical bills. Blish says no citations were issued. Any further action would be civil between Velardi and James Saunders of Hanover.

3. The way less humorous. BREAK-INS and BURGLARIES.  Blish reports 7 local burglaries and/or break-ins of homes beginning June 3rd up to this last weekend. Several have been in South Woodstock, others on Church Hill Road and yet another on Stimetz Road and at the East End of Town. The East End of Town theft is not thought to be related to the others.

Blish says there IS A SUSPECT who Woodstock Police expect to be able to interview sometime next week and the WPD is working with Hartford on bringing the burglar or burglars to justice.

NOTE: The burglaries have mostly occurred in homes easy to get into — screens and windows being left open. One woman went out for 20 minutes and came back to having her home burglarized. Cash is being taken, precious metal objects, including gold and prescription medications.

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  1. Posted by paulette osborne on June 27, 2012 at 15:00

    These break-ins make me very sad. When i lived there and up until just recently, no one locked their cars or homes. When we sold our house, we had to change the locks because we didn’t have keys. I hope the police can get to the root of this problem and find out why this is happening now. There’s a bigger picture here.


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