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Woodstock Early Birds…a couple of items in the “this and that” category:

1. We understand that the Design Review Board has given approval to Pete Saman to go ahead with his plans for turning his place at 51 Pleasant Street into a business that, according to Woodstock Early Birder Mr. Saman himself, is to be an ANTIQUE shop. Saman says he has a lot to do but hopes to open in the next month.

(Woodstock Early Bird not being much of a furniture aficionado wonders about the seeming plethora of antique emporia in our Village. However,  we understand, based on a conversation with tourists just this morning, that visitors are very much looking for antiques or at least antiques stores in which to poke around!)

2. Following up on a meeting that happened last week between members of the Woodstock Elementary School Board and Woodstock Selectboard concerning the old A&B Motors property….Town Manager Phil Swanson and Bruce Gould both independently report that no decisions have been made, no votes taken and, at this point, no further meetings are scheduled.

Gould tells Woodstock Early Bird that while there appears to be interest on the part of some at the Woodstock Elementary School and some members of the Town of Woodstock in annexing the South Street property to the school property next door, any and all conversations at this point are merely “exploratory.”  The owners of the property, the Lambs,  are apparently out of the country although they have been open to the ongoing discussion process . However, according to Gould, the property is still undergoing certain environmental “clean-up” hurdles related to its old use as a garage so Woodstock residents are unlikely to see any changes immediately to the site.

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  1. Julia, I do so appreciate your updates and your attention to details.


  2. Posted by Russell Pejouhy on July 3, 2012 at 14:56

    As far as the old A and B Motors property on South Street, the voters have already said “NO”. END of Discussion! The town should NOT even take it if it were given FREE!


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