Arjuna Shop To Shutter Soon

Sitting to the side of Arjuna’s doorway is a faded blue shutter  that now, somehow, looks like a prop ready to help shut down the store. To the left of a doorway is a chalkboard , unsigned, but most likely from the always engaging proprietress, Toni, that simply says in so many words: “Goodbye.”

Still, on a sunny morning, visitors — mainly women — are streaming into the Central Street shop, walking right past the chalkboard without a hitch as they follow their eyes through the doorway to bright Indian scarves, sparkling French crystal jewelry, funky picture frames and beautiful gold and silver rings from around the world. This is a traveler’s shop, the result of  Toni’s trips to places some of us only dream about.

However, after 20 years and more and more difficulties keeping up with Woodstock downtown rents, Toni has decided it is time to leave. In a rather conservative New England town that also offers several more traditional “gold and pearls”  jewelry stores,  Arjuna was for the free-spirit who sensed a kindred spirit in the wares that had been collected and were now displayed across shelves and counters. The shop was for a woman of a certain Bohemian style.

And then there was Ella, the black lab who calmly lay in the corner or rose from a dog bed for a tail wag. This was an individual space, the farthest one could get from a chain store, reflecting a female adventurer’s sensibilities.

We’ll miss you Toni! You have been such a part of the downtown Woodstock “SCENE” !

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  1. Posted by Linda Caruso on July 6, 2012 at 15:55

    My daughter and my closest and dearest friends have all received the most unique and special somethings from Arjuna. I too have been the recipient of such gifts. What kept me going back, aside from each pass through the doorway becoming an adventure for the soul, and fruit for the imagination, was that no matter if it was 20 degrees below zero outside, or 98 degrees outside, TONI KEPT IT REAL. I am saddened that this gem on Central Street is closing and I thank Toni for such wonderful experiences over the years. She will be a welcome addition to wherever her next chapter unfolds, and I dare say that she will be embraced for all that she is. As always – KEEP IT REAL, TONI. It works!


  2. Posted by Andrea Sand on July 6, 2012 at 16:26

    Such a bummer. I love Arjuna! Will miss the shop and Toni.


  3. Posted by Ann Jones on July 6, 2012 at 19:30

    This brings tears. We have lived here for 10 years and I have many, many pieces from Arjuna. I can timeline a history of anniversaries, Mama’s day and birthdays with Jewelry Toni has helped my husband and children pick. Every Spring I have purchased unique gifts for the teachers who teach and care for my children. Toni is a wonderful person who has operated an amazing store. This reminds me of the Coffee Shop closing. Woodstock is losing some of the places that make it a place we want to live in and love.
    Please keep us posted Toni. XOXO The JONES FAMILY


  4. Posted by M.McDermott on July 7, 2012 at 00:25

    Toni, your shop and product offerings are the finest. We will truly miss having
    a store of your caliber in Woodstock!


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