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Bentley’s Undergoing Repairs This Week

Update: So Many Woodstock Early Birds chimed about lunch places not included in the original post that we figured we’d better add to the list….In no particular order, Woodstock Early Birds took the time to write in to say they also enjoy lunch at these places:

South Woodstock General Store (WEB’s fave BLT of all time is found here — add avocado and enjoy with the pesto mayo….)



Ankor Wat

Woodstock Inn and Resort Country Club


After having sought out a cool beverage last night at Bentley’s night only to find the downtown establishment closed, we thought we’d make an inquiry about “the plan” for the restaurant. We’ve just learned that Bentley’s will remain closed for most of this week as owners and managers review a repair plan for the kitchen and surrounding wall area, both of which were damaged by fire on July 3rd.

This is the week that an upgraded sprinkler system was also slated for installation.

Now, the goods news is that Bentley’s BAR will be open for DRINKS (and light snacks) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night this week. Live music will be offered Thursday night.

We hear that the overflow traffic, folks who might have dined at Bentley’s have been steered well to Bentley’s “sister” restaurant, Firestone’s in Quechee. We also hear that other lunch places in town have been virtually “slamming” due to Bentley’s temporary closure. To review, lunch is offered at the Mountain Creamery, The Daily Grind and Mon Vert Cafe, not to mention soups, sandwiches and salads available at The Village Butcher Shop…And a little further from downtown, Mac’s, Maplefields and Pizza Chef also have offerings. The Woodstock Inn also offers lunch at the Red Rooster.