Roads, Bridges, Traffic and Crosswalks

Woodstock Early Birds…lots of traffic and road issues today throughout the Village.

First, you’ll notice that the Bentley’s side of Elm Street has been temporarily closed off for parking spot line painting. We expect the spaces to be ready for vehicles later today.

Speaking of Bentley’s,  we hear that one of our fave bartenders, Careen, will be making a guest Thursday appearance, “officiating” behind the bar tonight,  ready to serve one and all starting about 5:30pm. Later, Bentley’s will be offering live music. Stop on in, bring your regular posses, along with — of course — one of your own designated drivers.

We digress from other traffic issues…the other major event is a sewer pipe dig-out and/or reconstruction at the bottom of Hartland Hill Road just outside Janice Graham’s office adjacent to Maplefield’s. WPD’s Officer Jen is “officiating” on scene there. Be aware that traffic starts to slow on Central Street from time to time just about at Mac’s. Caution throughout the cabin, please.

Elsewhere in the Village, we note the addition of a mobile speed meter in the Gillette’s driveway on Church Street. In response to concerns addressed by the Gillettes and others at Tuesday night’s Trustees meeting, Woodstock Police Chief Robbie Blish agreed to immediately put the speed monitor in place. Idea is to address the perception — or reality — the drivers are speeding up once they get past the Village Green heading West.  Abby Gillette, a resident of Church Street, reports that already the presence of the speed monitor appears to be having an effect in slowing down traffic. We Woodstock Early Birds all remember that we lost community member Hasse Halley in that part of town due to an oncoming pick-up truck. The issue of pedestrian safety has  come up  again as a continuing concern for Village residents, particularly in the area of Route 4 West of the Green. In an effort to quickly address at least one concern about crosswalk visibility, Municipal Manager Phil Swanson said at Tuesday’s Trustees meeting that since the Road Crew is already painting lines in the Village he will “task” them with re-painting the crosswalks (and maybe adding some stripes) in the area of St. James Church and going up to College Hill.

Village Trustees are working with the Woodstock Elementary School on a Safe Routes to School project which has already resulted in a report with suggestions for improvements. Among them, a possible traffic or safety island at the intersection of South Street and South Park Streets.

More on that as we know it….

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  1. Posted by Corwin Sharp on July 12, 2012 at 15:34

    Came across this critter this morning on my daily 5:30am exercise walk. Clocked me at 27mph! Man, I must REALLY be getting into good shape. Perhaps it provided me with that read-out because I stuck my tongue out at it. Always one to question authority…


  2. Posted by Bob Pear on July 12, 2012 at 20:27

    Dammit Corwin, if I have told you once, I have told you twice, stop walking so fast- you are going to hurt yourself!


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