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Where’s Waldo?

Waldo is preparing breakfast and lunch for you at a certain Woodstock Village cafe…

Woodstock Early Birds, look who we found this morning!? It’s Waldo!

These little kids found Waldo downstairs at PHLOX Clothing Store












If you haven’t noticed already there is a fun game ongoing involving 25 Woodstock Village businesses. It’s a “Find Waldo” game created by Susan of Yankee Bookshop based on the book character. The idea is to encourage reading, of course, but also to encourage you to visit these shops where….if you have “eagle eyes” you’ll be able to find Waldo hidden somewhere in the shop.

Mostly the little cut-out character is hard to find but we’ve seen kids and adults succeed!

One particular business, however,  took it up a notch today  and BAM! — as you can see in the photo — Waldo is definitely NOT hidden!

We understand that if you gather “I found Waldo” cards from these 25 shops you’ll get to enter to win a “Grand Prize” given out on July 31st, 2012.

So, get on it, Early Birds….this isn’t just a game for kids! You might also find something in participating shops and restaurants that strikes your fancy!

This post is brought to you Veremedy Pet Hospital, Woodstock and White River Junction