St. James Saturday: Donations Accepted Now

Woodstock Early Birds…It’s that time of year again….to get rid of your old  “treasures” as part of a community fundraiser put on  by the folks at St. James Church. This fabulous free-for-all is coming up Saturday and the Church (and its volunteers) are accepting your NON-CLOTHING treasures (FURNITURE OK) this week.

This appeal was in the “In-Box” this morning:

The St. James Fair is Saturday, July 21, 2012.

Donations are now be accepted: Monday-Friday, 8 am -5 pm

88th Annual St. James Fair! 

Are you spring  (or SUMMER) cleaning? Keep the St. James Fair in mind before you discard those treasures.

Please remember that we do not accept clothing, computers. or large appliances.

If you have large items to donate that require pick up, please call Dave Clark at 296-3194 or Scott Kinne at 457-1078 to arrange.

All monies raised go to our local outreach in the Woodstock Area.  Please support our efforts to do good things for those how need it!

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