Paddle-Less: Pizza “Pi” Almost In the Oven

Pizza Sign Goes Up Without A Paddle Photo Credit: Justin McCoart

Woodstock Early Birds have been wondering when that pizza is going to be ready. The pizza they are imagining would be coming out of the new oven at The Brick Oven Trattoria or “Pi” Restaurant on Central Street.

Owner Stacey Velardi, sitting in at a Woodstock Village Design Review meeting yesterday says she plans to open her latest venture this Friday.

Design Review was having a discussion about the look of a newly-protected chimney coming out of the roof of the building. Some neighbors had expressed a need to have it “dressed up” but upon review, the Board decided it looks best “as is” with some metal shining off the chimney but without a “faux brick” covering.

Velardi also expressed to the Board her continuing dissatisfaction with the Village zoning ordinance that appears to limit her ability to hang her sign from a wooden pizza paddle. Ordinance says a sign cannot be more than 10 square feet. Hers, with paddle, according to Zoning Administrator Michael Brands,  exceeds that limit. So, yesterday, because Velardi has administrative approval to do so, her sign went up without a paddle. However, she explained during a site visit  that the brackets that hold other signs throughout town are not included in the zoning parameters. She maintains that her paddle is a bracket and should be outside of regular signage regulations.

The sign notwithstanding, Velardi says she has occupancy certificates of approval from the fire inspector and from the electrical inspector. However, she still does not have an official “C.O.” or certificate of occupancy. This is the final permit that would allow the restaurant to open.

Zoning Administrator Michael Brands will visit the new restaurant on Friday morning and Velardi expects to get her “C.O.” after that.

We don’t know too many details about what kind of pizza we should expect, except that Velardi’s main experience is with the excellent pizzas at various restaurants found in New Haven, Connecticut. Velardi owned and operated a business near there and now runs several business in town including the Daily Grind, a new gelato store, a consignment shop and a gold/silver exchange.

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  1. Posted by Corwin Sharp on July 21, 2012 at 19:15

    With much anticipation, I gave it a try. Ordered a pizza to take out. $25.00 gets you a oddly formed pizza. In size, somewhere between the standard large and small. Nothing at all special about the ingredients, preparation, or presentation. You be the judge…for me it’s back to Alex to get what you pay for and support a gentleman who serves this community…not just pizza!


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