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A Woodstock Early Bird Succumbs to Operation HEAT

Here it is, folks, for those of you — including Woodstock Early Bird on occasion- who kinda’ think speeding just a little bit is a-okay most of the time: A moral tale.

We have to admit we’re always yelling at those crazy-A Massachusetts drivers who seem to think speeding, tailgating and erratic lane changing go hand-in-hand,  but let’s admit to it, we here in Vermont, can often get a bit out of control ourselves.

Vermont State Police warned us all with a recent press release they would be doing extra intense traffic enforcement as part of “Operation HEAT.” It’s a public campaign directed at reducing the number of fatalities on Vermont roads. While their actual statistics indicated a big reason – or the major reason for fatalities  – was actually drivers or passengers not wearing seatbelts, another indicator contributing to many deaths was excessive speed.

So, today we get a report from a Woodstock Early Bird who was stopped by Vermont State Police trooper using a radar gun to measure speed from a small unmarked vehicle. This particular Bird was recorded going 56mph in a 40mph zone. The ticket the Bird was issued is for $151.  That particular WEB is not a happy camper but admits to going over the speed limit. The ticket issued says the maximum penalty for speeding can be up to $1000.  Three points on the drivers’ license record.

While issuing the ticket, the VSP Trooper mentioned this was all part of “Operation HEAT.”

Now we know.