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Large Rose Hill “Stray” Attacks Small Dog Causing Injuries

A very upset Woodstock Early Bird informs us that their small dog has had to have morphine, antibiotics, x-rays and extensive care for lung bruising and leg and chest injuries following an attack by a large charcoal gray dog  yesterday morning in the vicinity of Rose Hill and Willow Brook.

The long and short of it is the small dog will survive but the veterinarian care as —  as a result of the attack — has so far amounted to $650.  And, at  least one injury was caused to a human involved.

The Woodstock Police responded to the scene but did not find the large dog. The owner of the small dog is hoping to locate the owner of the large curly-haired poodle mix that had three tags attached to its collar.

Both the small dog and its owner had to literally kick and scare off the large dog to get it away from them, the human falling in the process while pulling on the back legs of the large to get him off the small dog. The human, as far as we know, did not sustain any injuries, but lost grip on the large dog which proceeded to attack the small dog some more.

According to the upset Early Bird, the incident happened around 8a.m. Thursday morning when a resident in the Rose Hill area had picked up the “stray” and had put it in his car to take to the Woodstock Police. This person stopped the car temporarily along the road to ask  the owner of the small dog if they knew who the large dog belonged to?

The large dog, at that point, managed to escape over the driver of the vehicle and out the window attack the small dog, biting it and refusing to let go of it. The Rose Hill resident exited the vehicle and also tried to assist at separating the dog which then tried to go after a human.

Bottom line: Traumatic experience for all involved. If you know this dog and/or its owner, please contact Woodstock Police.  Also, of course, if the dog is truly a stray, be  aware of the incident and inform Woodstock Police of its whereabouts.

At the least, the owner of the small dog is looking for assistance with the vet bill and, one would hope, an apology.