Craft Project: Knead Dough or Create Cocktails?

Update: We attended the opening and learned of the connection between cocktails, furniture, bread and pottery. In the first instance, the showpiece of Shackleton’s new furniture collection is a beautiful cocktail “chest” or armoire large enough to contain a small fridg and with a backlit area for liquor and glasses. A beautifully designed piece that came out of Arthur’s frequent visits and cocktail creations (or so the story goes according to Arthur).  If you’d like it the price is oh, about $22K.

In the case of the bread, we saw Umpleby’s making bread dough in enormous and sturdy Miranda Thomas bowls. Part of the story with the bread is that apparently Charles Shackleton has started to grow wheat and has quite an interest in bread-making. As part of an homage to Shackleton’s newfound interest, Miranda Thomas’ most beautiful new pieces displayed at the show last night –in Woodstock Early Bird’s view — are gorgeous bowls emblazoned with some sort of glimmering gold glazed sheaves of wheat.  -WEB




Rather than just pouring us a little vino and letting us meander aimlessly (yet admiringly) among beautiful things, they ask their visiting public (and potential customers)  to “engage” by getting their hands dirty…and maybe once they’re cleaned up a bit, writeup a check or present a credit card for a few always-unique pieces for homes, second home or even spartan but always well-appointed rental apartment.

This evening from 5pm to 7pm at the Bridgewater Mill building, Shackleton-Thomas  invites you to see the new pieces they and their employees have put together over the last six months or so since Tropical Storm Irene hit. As you might remember Bridgewater got smacked hard by Irene, in particular properties right there along Route 4 and the Ottauquechee River, including the pottery studio.

What we know is that however “pricey” these wares are, they are made by our Vermont neighbors, local folks who actually are practicing “ART and CRAFT” and getting paid to do it. “Art and Craft” is something some of us know nothing about or just don’t have the patience for, so Woodstock Early Bird in particular always appreciates those who do.

In any case, this evening at the Shackleton-Thomas Open House the hands-on craft projects we will be offered are a chance to knead bread or create the perfect cocktail. I’m sure there’s a connection. One so homey and earthy. The other? Speaking of the perfect cocktail? Limes, simple syrup, cold something like light rum, shaken with lots of finely muddled mint and a splash of soda water? Enjoy.

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  1. Posted by Diana Brown on July 31, 2012 at 09:13

    Julia, your coverage of all things Woodstock, from breaking news to pieces like this celebrating our art and industry, are spot on. WEB is now my daily newspaper- and I am very fond of my newspapers. I am certain there is a overall boost to our economy in general and the bottom line for individual businesses with the buzz created by articles like this.

    And wasn’t the opening just great? A real summer party with friends, and all that surrounded by beautiful, useful handmade furniture and pottery.

    Thanks so for the update, too.


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