This Afternoon 4pm-7pm: Poetry on the Land at the King Farm

Work by Jenny Horstman of Fort Ann, NY

A new “Poet’s Trail” will be inaugurated today starting at the King Farm in West Woodstock and following paths into the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park . The trail is a project of Woodstock Union High School AP English teacher Martha Perkins and her poetry class.  Walking the trail over hills and viewpoints reveals student chosen posted poems.

The event and chance to meander on the beautiful King Farm property are part of this weekend’s “Bookstock” festival.

In addition to the Poet’s Trail, you’ll be able to view what Charlet Davenport describes as “an eclectic and interesting group of sculptures, site specific installations, sound and video pieces at the Farm.”

The event and land presentations at the King Farm are Sculpturefest’s contribution to Bookstock. Directions to the King Farm are available at

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