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Woodstock Substation Failure Caused Outage


Green Mountain Power’s Jeremy Baker tells Woodstock Early Bird that last night’s widespread power outage in Windsor County was due to a malfunction in the CVPS/GMP sub-station near Maplesfield’s and Cumberland Farms in Woodstock. Power was restored at approximately 10pm after going out around 6pm.

Baker says a simultaneous widespread power outage in Windham County was un-related but due to power feed point problem at a substation in Wilmington. In that case, Baker says an outside power provider (from the National Grid) ceased to feed power. No explanation for why that happened.

GMP had no explanation for another previous short power outage on Tuesday night.

Time to get new batteries, flashlights, candles and matches to be prepared for any future outages.

(Thanks to THAT GUY for the tiki torch power outage shot!)