Cans for Your Cans

Now that is a mighty fine looking can, isn’t it?

It may not look like a lot to you but these recycle containers newly placed around Woodstock Village are the doing of Sustainable Woodstock and their summer coordinator Ana DiNatale with help and support from the Village Trustees and the Village maintenance crews.

They are for cans, glass bottles, etc. and are VERY adequately labelled as to what can and cannot go into them.  We find this amusing because there was quite some discussion at a recent meeting that people might not understand they would be for recyclables ONLY unless it was clearly SPELLED OUT.

As you can see the LID leaves nothing to the imagination — which is a good thing. See? The lid spells it out:

NO food because it contaminates. (Might we add…no doggy bags!).

In any case, this was a group effort to have the Village step up its efforts to reduce waste and show its visitors that we are cognizant of trying to keep the planet (or this part of the planet) a less cluttered place.

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