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Finally: Woodstock Village Intersection Cleaned Up!

Our one and only Woodstock Village intersection  has been a mess for nearly a month what with sprinkler systems pipes being dug up and holes being re-filled and the traffic island being re-paved and signage moved around. It’s been an orange cone-a-zoola made only worse by weeks of rocks and stones left behind for we-really-don’t-want-to-know reasons by  digging crews pre-Bentley’s Fire….

Yesterday, major black-topping operation in the afternoon and then….a fabulous water hose-down of the entrance to Elm Street as bricklayers finished up their work on the new “island paradise” aka “The Dummy.”

Today, the intersection that welcomes our visitors is now all spruced up and ready to go for SUMMER! We were doing everything we could NOT to comment despite the fact that several Early Birds mentioned to us that this intersection was looking “just terrible” and not the least bit inviting for pedestrians or the odd “I think I’ll turn left even though the signs says not to” crowd.

In any case it was a refreshing site to see the Bentley’s pipe hole nicely paved, washed down and everything back in place. There’s even new mini-signs that indicate no left turn onto Central Street from Elm Street.  Hah-hah. We’ll see if they EVER work!

Much Better!