Irene Anniversary Recovery Picnic: Tuesday, August 28th


Just two weeks Woodstock Early Birds to the Anniversary of our famous deluge, aka Tropical Storm Irene.

Hopefully, most people have been able to restore order to their lives and homes and families following the weeks of clean-up and the endless phone calls and paperwork to get things set right.

Woodstock Early Bird would love to post a few of your more dramatic flood pictures on this blog. Send one or two of your best that you’d like to share to:  Here’s the deal:




Dinner: All Invited to a Free Family Style Picnic on the Woodstock Green from 5:30-7:30pm.

Cooking: Lauren Wilder of Hand in Hand and a bevy of volunteers.

Music: Fred Haas and Sabrina Brown with Musical Friends.  

Photos: Woodstock Historical Society Presents Irene Photos at the Town Hall Theater at 7:30pm.


Rep. Alison Clarkson says a small team is producing  this event:

*Mary Riley:  Arranging set up/clean up (Rotary is  helping)
*Maureen Garmon: Helped produce Nathaniel Furlong poster for  the event
*Woodstock Trustee Candace Coburn is arranging for servers (Hopefully the sports teams will  serve)
*Beth Finlayson and the Woodstock Chamber of  Chamber are providing all sort of things  (posters, silverware etc)
 *Sally Miller and Sustainable Woodstock are doing  recycling and maybe even some composting.


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