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Governor Shumlin To Visit Woodstock For Irene Fundraiser

Governor Shumlin visited Woodstock just after Irene. Woodstock Rep. Alison Clarkson listens in the background

Governor Peter Shumlin has announced he’ll be visiting many Vermont towns —  including Woodstock —  as part of an Irene Recovery Remembrance Tour noting the one-year anniversary of the dramatic flooding that occurred on August 28th, 2011.

Shumlin notes, in a press release, that despite the repair of some 500 miles of Vermont roads, the re-establishment of some 1,000 families in to alternative housing,  the work of recovery is not yet done.

Shumlin’s visit to Woodstock on Monday, August 27th will coincide with PGA Player Keegan Bradley’s all-day golf tournament and reception at the Woodstock Inn and Resort.

Bradley, a former Woodstock resident, is now playing on the PGA tour and has pledged proceeds from this specific event will go to help those still trying to recover from the effects of Irene.  Governor Shumlin is likely to be on hand for the Tropical Storm Irene-related part of the Bradley event ceremonies.

As part of his Irene tour, Shumlin will also be making stops throughout Central Vermont that Monday in these communities:





West Hartford

The day before, on Sunday, August 26th, the Governor will meet with residents and local officials in these hard-hit Central Vermont towns:







For information about the ongoing Irene recovery visit this site.

(WEB Note: Woodstock Early Bird has spoken with some in town who shake their heads as they say they do not want to “celebrate” anything with regards to Irene, that they are still reeling from complete damage to their homes  and/or their financial lives and see no reason to have to think any more about Irene than they already have to.

We should not forget these folks in our “rah-rah” efforts to feel good and special about what we have accomplished. The work is not done. While the waters in our brooks, streams and rivers may be dry and quiet, we all know now the great power they have to wreak long-lasting destruction.  Woodstock may look beautiful and pristine once again – and many are to be thanked for that – but we suspect there are those in the shadows who are still cursing Irene. And they should be allowed to do so.)