Bump-Out! Trustees Approve Application for Bike/Ped Island Grant

Update: Woodstock Early got so caught up in the rhythms of “bump-out” that she failed to discern the technical term is “bulb-out”..In whichever case, it is one of those absurd terms that makes our little beady eyes glaze over..WEB

The Village Trustees are following recommendations of a bicycle/pedestrian safety committee in applying for a State of Vermont grant to construct a “safety island” at the end of South Street where it intersects with South Park Street at the Village Green.

The grant is administered by VTrans and, at this point, not all the details are worked out for specifically how the island would be constructed.

In their application, Trustees pledged to  pay  12% of the total grant cost. It is estimated at about 70K dollars.

Lots of discussions about something called “bump outs” which are parts of an island that go into the street a bit and are often used for “traffic calming”.  After repeating the word about a thousand times, creating a virtual “bump-out” hypnosis in the audience, Trustees decided “bump-outs” would not be necessary and left them off the application.

The VTrans Bike/Pedestrian grant program has 2M at its disposal for this kind of project statewide.

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  1. Good idea for this location – it is a long cross walk and the island will help raise awareness of pedestrian crossings, especially children.


  2. I hope the design allows enough room for big rigs, specifically horse trailers to make the turn without running up on the far side sidewalks. Often the bump out (if I understand the term correctly) are put there in case it is necessary for a big rig to swing wide and allows them extra room without a high curb to run onto. – just a thought…


  3. Posted by Toni Richie on August 16, 2012 at 16:20

    We just (a few years ago) built that cute little triangle with “olde” cobblestone, dug it up last month, and rebuilt it. It’s a large, bright, visible island, where pedestrians can take respite while crossing. How many pedestrians have been injured at that crosswalk in the past three years? There must be at least a dozen other crosswalks in town that would benefit from added safety features.

    The country is almost bankrupt, and we’re sending $70,000 just because it’s available. There is no hope for us.


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