Disasters NOT to Worry About!

San Juan Islands, Washington Emergency Preparedness Graphic

Good Morning Early Birds..a random post this morning concerning emergency preparedness.

We all learned a lot about dealing with a natural disaster with the flooding caused by Tropical Storm Irene.

All the way across the country, emergency managers in the San Juan Islands were following our crisis to see if they could learn how to help their own Island people. They even sent out an email to some Islanders to have them check up on the Vermont situation.

Now, we see those Washington State folks are creatively using a little humor to heighten awareness about emergency preparedness.

This graphic was made as a way to say there are a couple of disasters NOT to worry about! On the left we have a large octopus grabbing and potentially sinking a ferry-boat. On the right they have slyly come up with a tongue-in-cheek nod to the upcoming “Mayan Apocalypse” with a depiction of a UFO blasting a light house.

We love it. Wonder what we don’t have to worry about in Vermont?

Note to Self: Have at least a week of food and water, flashlights, candles, matches on hand in case of emergency.

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