Three Thumbs Up: Moonrise Kingdom

Woodstock Early Bird’s favorite movie of the summer, Wes Anderson’s  “Moonrise Kingdom” is now showing at the Woodstock Town Hall Theater: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30pm.

This is a movie we love (having seen it twice!) for its delightful story, its quirky flawed characters, its sense of early 60’s nostalgia, its beautiful music and, most of all, its humor.  It has the feel of a French foreign film yet it takes place in New England and everyone speaks English!

On one level it’s a kids “meet/greet” adventure story that ostensibly takes place on an island off the coast of Maine (although filmed in Rhode Island). It features two new young actors in the lead roles but also a surprisingly muted and effective performance by Bruce Willis with the make-you-laugh Frances McDormand, Edward Norton,  and Bill Murray. Even the icy Tilda Swinton plays “Social Services” with a sense of humor.

It you remember things like scout camp, having a pen pal, and always wanted to run away from  home from your weird parents and your weird life, you’ll enjoy this. You might also like the movie for its small-town feel — the narrator is unique and could be straight out of Vermont; there’s a fumbling,  sadly lonely local cop who, when disaster strikes, rises to the occasion.

Enjoy.  Love this Moonrise Kingdom trailer, but it does reveal much, so if you don’t want to spoil all the little surprises don’t watch it!

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