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Bear With The Bears….

Deer Brook Way’s “Peeping” Bear
Photo Credit Joe Lauria

Woodstock Early Birds have reported in with many bear sightings over the last few weeks. We hear from Heritage Condos in West Woodstock that bears have been seen and caused some damage there, at the Senior Center and also at the Jackson House; all along that part of West Woodstock up to Cox District Road.

The attraction? Not surprisingly, garbage and bird seed left on someone’s porch.  We also can tell you from personal experience that bears love fish remains and dog food (if left on a porch or out in the open). If you don’t want the bears too close — and we all probably want to discourage bear/human encounters — a good idea to put that stuff in the house.

It’s getting late in the summer but it would seem a good idea to remove the attractions to bears. A helpful solution is to not put out the trash until the morning of pick-up since the bears are smart critters and will keep coming back if there is food to be had. But, you already know that, right?

We also have a bit of “bear poetry” concerning a particular bear who has been spending time in the Rose Hill area…Our contributor wishes to remain anonymous but offers us this poetic “report”:

Across Our Road, Rose Hill

It’s Almost Always Still

Those in the cemetery remain

Quite Sedentary.

Not so the happy bear, sometimes seen

Playing there.

He’s not very scary

So we needn’t be wary.

He needs some space,

What better place?