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These Supper Tables Are Set For You…


Supper’s almost ready, folks!! If you’re getting off work and wanna’ kick back…

These tables have been lovingly and beautifully set for you!
On the Woodstock Village Green.

Starting at 5:30, going through til 7:30pm.

Seems there’s been a bit of confusion that this little ‘ole supper is JUST for Woodstock peeps.
“Not so,” says a very highly placed Woodstock offical. Everyone from Woodstock, South Woodstock, Pomfret, North and South, Bridgewater, Barnard, Taftsville and any ole hidden little hollow is invited.

Thanks go to a lot of people, but we’ve seen Mary Riley and Candace Coburn running around the Green non-stop, including a couple of National Park Service rangers (Thanks Big Jim and Jordan!) and a man known only to Woodstock Early Bird’s as “That Guy!” — Also his partner, Deborah. The Woodstock Fire Department is also in evidence as is the Woodstock High School Funk Jazz Band. We spied lots of people pulling up with pans of food, too…

Yummy, yummy, yummy. And, you also get “party favors” — A Woodstock Emergency Tips card! Just what I always wanted….Still, good to have.