Bradley Golf Tournament Raises @100K

Monday’s golf clinic, tournament and afternoon reception hosted by former Woodstock resident and current PGA Tour golfer Keegan Bradley approximately 100K to help support those recovering from Tropical Storm Irene.

Keegan was joined by his Dad, Mark Bradley,in brief comments made to a thrilled crowd. Later, Governor Peter Shumlin stopped by to thank Keegan for his efforts to help Vermonters.

Keegan grew up hitting balls daily at the Woodstock Country Club. Dad said he had encouraged Keegan to “go home” to do something to help out after hearing of the devastating losses caused by last year’s flood.

Even for those who don’t play golf, it was a welcome homecoming for those who know the Bradley family.  Keegan, has, on his own, been making headlines this summer, as he shines during PGA Tours tournament play. Analysts describe his keen ability to focus as one of his best assets.

The whole event was obviously a “big deal” — more so that practically anything else we can think of — judging by the number of microwave and satellite trucks on the Woodstock Country Club premises.

WCAX was on scene. WPTZ was on scene.

The crowd enjoyed comments made by both Mark and Keegan Bradley (his sister, Madison and Mom, Kay, were also here as was Keegan’s aunt, LPGA player Pat Bradley).

Keegan  included a little off-the-cuff story about the worst thing he’d done as a kid was to take the family car without permission (he was under age and did not have a driver’s license) so he could go on a bit of a joy-ride. You know how teens are… Only in his case, he was very focused. He took that car  straight to the golf course — to hit some more balls.

We found this recent video on Youtube, a Golf Magazine interview with Keegan Bradley from August 4th, 2012. Nice!


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