Today is Vermont Primary Election Day: Polls Open Until 7pm

Woodstock Town Clerk Jay Morgan says turn-out has been low, just a couple hundred people,  for voting in Vermont’s election primary.

The polls (at the Woodstock Town Hall) are open until 7pm.

Democrats may vote to decide who they’d like to run for Attorney General against Republican Jack McMullen in November. The two Democratic  candidates are current Attorney General William Sorrell and his opponent T.J. Donovan.

Republicans have a chance to decide whether they’d like John MacGovern or Brooke Paige to oppose Sen. Bernie Sanders – an Independent – in the senatorial race in November.

BTW, a couple of Woodstock Early Birds wanted to know the policy for political signage which has cropped up all over town. We called to find out what the rules are — whether it’s legal — but couldn’t raise anyone in the upstairs Town offices who knew.

We did get Town Clerk Jay Morgan who addressed the signage directly in front of the Town Hall. He says the Town has always allowed the two grassy areas at the entrance to the building to be used by any political candidates or their helpers. However, a couple things: 1) No signage can be affixed to the Town Hall itself and 2) No one may impede the path of voters into or out of the building. Discussions, chit-chat and hello’s must be made clear of the sidewalks into and out of the polling place.

We suspect the political signs in the center of Woodstock Village will disappear very soon. Clerk Morgan said there are any number of Village  ordinances about signage that he could point to, but made no statement beyond that about those that have popped up overnight.

On the political scene, there is a small movement, some rumblings we hear that second-home owners and non-resident property owners want to be able to vote on Village and Town issues. We think we’ve been on this topic before, but it’s out there again — especially as we keep hearing the factoid that 51 to 52 percent of property owned in Woodstock is owned by non-residents. Hmmmmm…..should be another good Town Meeting next year!

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