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Low Voter Turn-Out: Donovan Takes Race in Woodstock

A lot of people in Woodstock took no interest in primary elections yesterday — or so it seems.

We’ve just chatted with Justice of the Peace Susan Ford and Woodstock Town Clerk Jay Morgan, learning that only 355 Woodstock residents went to the polls yesterday.

In the Democratic race for Attorney General, 169 voted for T.J. Donovan and 103 voted for William Sorrell.

The overall Democratic winner of the contest in Vermont  — which as we write is still very close — will  face Republican Jack McMullen  in November. As of 10am, Vermont elections data shows Sorrell leading 17,195 to T.J. Donovan’s 16,629 — a difference of 566 votes.

McMullen, as you may remember, ran into some difficulties about 14 years ago when he ran for Senate against a gregarious Vermont farmer named Fred Tuttle. Sorrell is the current Attorney General.

Meantime, Republicans in Woodstock voted 65 to 5 for Windsor’s John MacGovern as the candidate to challenge Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) re-election to the Senate in November.  Brooke Paige garnered the five votes. Statewide, Vermont election statistics show MacGovern came out the clear winner.