Sculpture Fest Open Grounds Picnic Today


We thought that rather than show any number of works of outdoor sculpture, we would feature a photo of Peter Davenport and his tractor since he and Charlet make it all happen! Thanks for sharing the art and your land!

Sculpture Fest 2012

4:00-7:00 pm Reception for artists and community on Saturday , September 1st BYO Picnic!

Two Locations

King Farm (King Farm Road)
509 Prosper Road

The two locations are accessible via a forest path that connects the two sections of this seasons outdoor sculpture exhbibition.

Parking at King Farm is in the lower left field on King farm Road and on the right hand side of Prosper Road opposite the Davenport’s.

Barnarts ( a new exciting new theater arts organization from Barnard) is presenting a play in on the theme of “Living Art”

Sculpture Fest opening is free..the exhibition continues through foliage season , dawn to dusk daily.

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