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Trustees: Elementary School Landscape/Playground Plan

The Woodstock Village Trustees meet tonight as usual at 7pm at the Town Hall.

One of the agenda items is a preview –still in the planning stages– of a new landscape and playground design project for the Woodstock Elementary School on South Street.


Woodstock Elementary School’s Karen White showed off some of the plans with a slide show to the Woodstock Selectboard last week and it’s the Trustees’ turn (and your turn!) to have the opportunity to have a look-see at what a private group of Woodstock parents and citizens has been working on (the pertinent part of the presentation starts at 50:30 on this video posted by WCTV8, our public access station here in Woodstock):

White told the Woodstock Selectboard there is no “price tag” on the project yet and that the intention is to re-do the current black-top and old play structure areas using private funds.  So, at this point, the Elementary School is apparently NOT asking for any public funds for its project.

The idea is to make the whole area more “green” and “sustainable”, using water formations and natural, safe climbing areas that integrate the hillside behind the school. The front entrance of the school grounds may also be re-worked to improve flow and drop-off safety.

Jack Rossi of Woodstock is working on a “big picture” plan with a National Playground designer working on how to integrate creative outdoor play areas in a more natural setting.