Remembering Those Who Served: Sept. 11th

Our Emergency Services Director L.D. Sutherland, Jr. has given us a call to ask that on this day, September 11th, we take a moment to briefly reflect and remember those in public service now and those in the past, brothers and sisters, who gave their lives on that day in New York City when the Twin Towers — The World Trade Center — was under attack.

It was a morning very much like this morning: Crisp, clear, blue skies. A wonderful start of Fall Day. Woodstock Early Bird’s friends were helping to paint the front porch. Others were having their usual coffee at the Mountain Creamery.

And then, many of us learned something was happening in New York, a plane had hit a building. Horrible.

But then, the news (and the actually visual TV footage) of a second plane into a building and the chilling feeling and recognition for us all that this was not a random accident, that we, the United States, were the target of a terrorist attack and that people were dying as a result.

Many reading this may have been in New York City at the time, we know several folks, emergency responders, paramedics, firefighters who travelled to assist in the aftermath of the attacks, risking their lives to seek out voids where signs of life might still be detected.

There were also those born on that day, or in the following days, whose wonderful entrance into this world will always have a bit of a shadow to it, “Oh, I was born on September 11th…” or those for whom the words still ring, “I lost a father, mother, brother, sister on September 11th…”

Thanks to all those who train to help us in small ways and then, when called upon, in larger ways!


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  1. Thank you, Julia, for your thoughtful reminder and tribute today.


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