Wilderness First Aid Course Offered in October

Wilderness First Aid can be pretty useful training for obvious reasons, helping yourself or those you know in the wild, but also for the training it provides for any emergency situation.

Woodstock Early Bird has also been able to get good jobs from such training. When compared to other job applicants, say for hiking guide, ski instructor, park ranger, firefighter, forester, etc. having the first aid training can actually give you a leg up — employers love hiring responsible, level-headed folks who can do a regular job, but step up with some knowledge if it becomes needed.

Sooo….think about it.

Woodstock Ambulance Volunteer Bill Luth will be giving the Wilderness First Aid course over four evening sessions in October.  CPR is a requirement.

It’s a commitment,  for sure, but some great knowledge and “life skills” for just a small amount of time. The dates are two Monday evenings – October 1st and October 8th – and Thursday evenings, October 4th and October 11th.  If you ever work or play outside, here or elsewhere, think about taking the class. $100.

(CPR is required but if you’re fast and email Mr. Luth, you might be able to get that training with just one more evening.)

Contact: Bill Luth  billluth62@gmail.com


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