Medical Marijuana Centers to Burlington and Waterbury

The State of Vermont has announced its decision to support two medical marijuana dispensaries: One in Burlington and one in Waterbury:

Press Release
Public Safety Announces Conditional Approval of Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Waterbury, VT -The Vermont Department of Public Safety has conditionally approved two medical marijuana dispensaries, as part of the Vermont Medical Marijuana Program (VMMP), pursuant to Title 18 Vermont Statutes Annotated § 4474f.

The first approval is for Champlain Valley Dispensary which will be located in Burlington.

The second approval is for Patients First Inc. which will be located in Waterbury.

Once each dispensary satisfies the stipulations set forth in the statute, a certificate of operation will be issued. The dispensaries should open within six months of approval, pursuant to rules adopted by the Department of Public Safety.

Additional applications are still undergoing review, as the statute allows for up to four dispensaries to be operating throughout the state. The period for accepting applications is currently closed.

Questions concerning the specific dispensaries should be directed to the operating entities. For questions regarding the application process or the VMMP, please contact Lindsey Wells, Marijuana Program Administrator, at or at 802-241-5115.

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  1. What, there won’t be one in Brattleboro!? It’s a long drive to Montpelier, especially if you’re in pain.


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