“Girl Talk” program to benefit from Eileen Fisher sales


Footprints in Woodstock wanted to let us know that today they are taking part in an Eileen Fisher clothing program that will contribute 10% of today’s speciality clothing sales to help a mentoring program.

We don’t normally “advertise” for free because in all actuality Woodstock Early Bird could use some local advertising dollars (If you’d like to make a difference locally, contribute to Woodstock Early Bird!) but as a one-time event, we’d like to support this downtown Woodstock Village store in its efforts to do good. Makes spending some money on quality clothing a bit easier to justify.

From Footprints:

“This is an Eileen Fisher national event to promote the shop-local movement. Eileen Fisher is proud to support over 175 specialty stores nationwide and Girl Talk, a national peer-to-peer mentoring program that helps young teenagers build self esteem, develop leadership skills and recognize the value of community service.

Eileen Fisher will be donating 10% of the specialty stores Eileen Fisher sales of the new Eileen Fisher Fall Collection during this event to Girl Talk.”

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  1. wish I could have been there love Eileene Fisher.


  2. Posted by Mary Mayhew on September 15, 2012 at 19:29

    Thanks Julia!! We had a wonderful day participating in the national Eileen Fisher event to promote shopping local and supporting a wonderful mentoring program for young girls!!


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