A “Family” Doctor Speaks at Inn Wednesday Evening

How often do you year the term “Family Doctor” anymore? Not so much.

Tomorrow evening, however, a UVM/Fletcher Allen medical researcher who specializes in treating families as a whole — a true “Family” doctor will be giving a presentation at 5:30pm at The Woodstock Inn.

Think someone in your family — the kid, the wife, the husband, the brother — is the one with the problem? Maybe everyone could make some adjustments to improve their overall health? Hard to say, but that is Dr. James Hudziak’s approach — Look at the major “issue” in the context of the whole. This seminar might also be useful to those of you who work with kids and teens in multiple settings: medicine, education, social work, etc.

This seminar is hosted by John and Laurie Chester and they welcome anyone who is seeking some guidance.

Space is limited, so if you plan to come please RSVP now to Tina.Kisil@vtmednet.org.

Dr. Hudziak is the creator of a health promotion and illness prevention treatment program entitled, The Vermont Family Based Approach: The Approach is the direct result of his 20+ years in genetics and neuroscience and is based on the simple fact that the best way to promote health in children and families is to help the family.

All families deserve and need to have the basic understanding of how to promote health. The VFBA has at is core, Family Wellness Coaches, who work with families on developing strategies to raise healthy children. These coaches are expert in nutrition, exercise, parenting techniques, music training, and reading programs. They are skilled at identifying strengths in families and coaching to those strengths. In addition, Focused Family Coaches work with all family members to make sure that all emotional behavioral problems are identified and treated regardless of the age of the family members.

Dr. Hudziak’ s approach is being used in clinics around the world and it is his goal to have it used more broadly in the State of Vermont. He argues simply: “All health emerges from good emotional behavioral health, and our program embraces the responsibility of promoting health in families”.

In order to help families understand the Vermont Family Based Approach, Dr. Hudziak and his team have made a video that all families are able to watch prior to visiting the clinic.


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