Bentley’s Kitchen Almost Ready



Look! It’s your first look at the new Bentley’s kitchen!

Hard saying which update is more important to our foliage season: News of a construction-free Route 4 or news that our downtown anchor Bentley’s Restaurant is back at full steam?

We called VTrans to get official word on when the Route 4 would be completely wrapped up and did not get a call back. However, we bet Woodstock Early Birds have been enjoying a much smoother ride!

To Bentley’s…..You remember the July 3rd kitchen fire? Photos above are strong indicators that a completely new kitchen which will be ready to go very, very soon.

We hear from very well-placed sources that some final health, fire, safety inspections need to take place and then back to a fully operational kitchen ready to help feed our hungry visitors (and locals!).

Now if we can only convince Bentley’s management to bring back Trivia Night! We miss seeing all the various teams who came out of the woods and woodwork to show off their special smarty pants knowledge!

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