New Cruiser Decal’d Up


Woodstock Police are sporting their new white Ford Explorer SUV cruiser, all decal’d up with more to come.

For those of you who were concerned that certain Vermont State corrections inmates might have been asked to create the new WPD decals (ala the VSP debacle last winter) rest assured, there are no little piggies on this decal. Just a serene Woodstock Covered Bridge.

Officer Mantello — in the photo above — also wanted you to know that very soon, you will be seeing your local police force dressed in traditional police “blues”…The greenish-brown “park ranger” look will be discarded as of October 1st, 2012.

Speaking of cruisers, police, bridges, roads and traffic: Foliage is here or it will be as the autumnal equinox is coming up this Friday).

In the space of one hour we have just encountered six (6) tour busses at one place or another in the Village. There was one parked on a crosswalk, one taking the Maplefield’s turn very wide and several lumbering left from Route 4 onto Elm Street to get on over to the Billings Farm and Museum.

Traffic was moving VERY, VERY slowly through Town. Wednesday Market on the Green setting up which may further snarl vehicular movements around Woodstock Village.

Have fun everyone!


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