The Big Kaboom: Woodstock War Weekend

Woodstock Early Birds, we want to prepare you for THE BIG KABOOM this weekend.

A variety of historical events going on, including an open-to-the-public Revolutionary War Encampment behind the Woodstock History Center that will include a real show of weaponry — including a cannon.

Said cannon will be lit and FIRED HOURLY on Saturday.

So be ready for it: The Big Kaboom: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm! No weapons fire on Sunday! (Hmm, maybe we should create a noise ordinance for this one?)*

The blast could knock your socks off and send you and your visitors racing for the hills. Do not be alarmed, although it’s hard not to be when that big ‘ole cannon sets its sights on Mt. Tom.

We’re also calling this ” Woodstock War Weekend” due to the fact that you can stop in to learn about the Revolutionary War on Elm Street at the History Center then mosey on up to our Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park for a ranger-led Civil War Tour and another tour interpreting the Cold War and the Influence of the Atomic Age on the Environmental Movement. See, Woodstock has it all!

Reservations are recommended for the National Park tours as these are special and rare opportunities to learn both about the history of Woodstock (the Civil War Tour starts at the Park but then meanders all over town) and to see much-protected, generally off-limits areas of the Billings-Rockefeller Mansion and Compound. Yes, y’all there IS indeed a bomb shelter under the bowling alley which a National Park Ranger will show you and put into the context of the Atomic Era. Call 457-3368 ext. 22 to make tour reservations. There is a fee for the NPS tours.

*P.S. We called the Town Offices to find out if the Woodstock History Center had gone before the Village Trustees to get approval for the cannon blasts and were told no, the Trustees did not have that topic before them.

While the Woodstock History Center may have approval for a series of events on its back lawn, we understand that often conditions are placed on the types of activities within an approved event.

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