Bentley’s: New Grill’s Up and Running

You know how Woodstock Early Bird loves her Bentley’s…and we’ve been keeping you up-to-date on progress since the July 3rd fire.

The NEWS is that the new kitchen is fired up and ready for a Friday night!

What this means to we locals (and visitors) is that Bentley’s Burgers are BACK. And Veggie Burgers! And STEAKS! Wings!  Yes, alright, they have salads,too.

We just stopped in to see what all was going on and we were privy to the kitchen: We noticed some onions being sautéed for tonight’s ONION SOUP!

General Manager/Executive Chef Andrew Schain seems pretty stoked. He even turned on the grill for us — “See, it works!”

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering when the wall that was so terrifically torn down by Woodstock Firefighters will be fixed? Done.

BTW, secret news here…once foliage is over and done with and it’s just us locals, a new system MAY be put in that will allow the return of Trivia Night and Trivia competitions with bars all over the country! Hee-haw. Gotta’ make use of all those new TV sets.


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  1. Thanks for this update. We will have to go check it out and also comment on it from the family angle. Any tips, favorite dishes or anything else you would like for us to know? Family of 3, 2 adults and one 16 month old.


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