Rio Blanco Bio-Hazard DRILL at Sykes Avenue Post Office

Head’s up Woodstock Early Birds…tomorrow (Wednesday) after work and into the evening do NOT be alarmed by an intense level of law enforcement , fire department and first responder activity in the area of the main Post Office on Sykes Avenue in White River Junction.

Our federal, state and local Emergency and Disaster Response abilities are enhanced by Disaster TRAINING and this is what will be going on — starting around 6pm (TOMORROW).  A chance for everyone to experience working with different agencies to protect the public.

Here is the Town of Hartford Press Release about the *Planned* Incident:

HARTFORD – The Hartford Fire Department in conjunction with state officials from the Vermont

Department of Health, Vermont Homeland Security and federal officials from the United States

Postal Service will conduct a full-scale exercise at the Sykes Mountain Avenue post office in the

Town of Hartford on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

This is a drill and not a real event. 

The exercise will simulate a multi-agency response to the activation of the biological detection

system inside the post office. The exercise is designed to improve coordination between

response partners in the event of an emergency, such as if a package or letter is suspected to

contain a biological agent like anthrax.

During the exercise Holiday Drive will be closed and traffic will be re-routed through Beswick Drive. If

you have questions or concerns please contact the Hartford Fire Department at 802-295-3232.

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