Eat It! Read It! : New Kids Book Promotes Healthy Food

There’s a new book out for kids (and adults who like to read to kids) by local author Gracie Cavnar that follows a young boy around the world on his eating adventures. Fun drawings and an introduction for kids about good food, where it comes from and how to prepare it.

Cavnar, who has been a Woodstock resident for about five years, is well-known for her work promoting local gardens and healthy eating habits for kids.

Here is a bit of a description from a press release about the book:

Using an adventure story to attract young readers to the fun of cooking and eating more fruits and veggies, the book follows Ottavio Fornero, a pint-sized member of Marco Polo’s famous expedition as he discovers wondrous foods through the rich cultural traditions of people along the old Silk Road. As Ottavio journeys from Venice to the Middle East, cooks and readers as young as seven learn thirty easy-to-follow recipes inspired by the trip.Research shows that young children who help cook family meals freely choose healthier foods.By making food an adventure, the book provides parents with an exciting way to read, learn and cook with their children as a family.

Cavnar, who is based in Houston when not in Vermont,  is active in promoting children’s health through her foundation, Recipe4Success. She will be signing books for parents and their kids at a special brunch TODAY  from 10am to 12pm at Sarah Roberts house at 10 College Hill.

Cavnar will also be promoting the book and book sales all weekend at The Yankee Bookshop from 1:30pm to 3:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Some proceeds from book sales will be donated to the Children’s Room of the Norman Williams Public Library here in Woodstock.

We understand that some local children (Jane and Sarah Lackley, among others) helped with book,  trying some of the foods and recipes contained within it. We know what picky eaters kids can be!

Here is a bit more about our Woodstock neighbor:

Gracie Cavnar is a lifelong cook and gardening enthusiast. She spent the last 14 years researching, creating and perfecting the award-winning and nationally recognized nonprofit Recipe for Success Foundation. She has received many honors and recognition for her work and grown her Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ for children rom a small pilot in Houston to one with national scope, teaching tens of thousands of children that growing and cooking their own healthy food can be easy, tasty and fun—an adventure!

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