Right Now: Weather Channel Covers Foliage Here!

The Weather Channel is “covering” Foliage right now and in the next hour or so from the Middle Bridge in Woodstock.

Weather Channel “personality” Eric Fisher of “First Outlook” is interviewing Brownsville’s Stephen Bodley about the skilled craftsmanship involved in Vermont timber framing — in particular as it applies to restoring Vermont’s Irene flood-damaged Covered Bridges.

Woodstock’s Middle Bridge was not damaged by the flooding but the Quechee Covered Bridge and Taftsville Covered Bridges were. Repairs are now underway on both those bridges.

(P.S. Woodstock Early Bird has to mention that no matter how we tried to take a nice “pure” photo of the Covered Bridge, that nasty “No Trucks” sign kept getting in the way…It kinda’ takes away from the “picturesque” shot, don’t you think? Just sayin’… Wonder if any tourists have noticed how much signage we have blocking the “quaint” New England architecture?)

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